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How to Stop Eating Fast Food

Let us all agree on the point that fast food is the most popular food that the majority of people rely on it on a daily basis due to its delicious taste, low cost, and quick preparation and
delivery. However, this last has also several negative effects on our health.

But if people avoid the temptation to eat fast food and change it with healthier alternatives, they will have a healthier
body and healthier brain with no doubt

Part one: Prevent Your Thirst for Fast Food.

1/ Choose the Reasons Why You Want to Stop eating Fast Food

We all know that if you stop eating fast food, this will lead you to protect your mental and
physical health, save money, lose weight, have an active body and brain, and have several positive
effects. Reminding yourself from time to time of a specific reason or maybe all the previous
reasons will certainly aid you to resist cravings for fast food. Try to write down these reminders on
sticky notes for instance and place them everywhere. By being aware of the necessity to
achieve a certain goal, you can hopefully avoid and resist when you have a sudden craving to fast

2/ Limit Your Exposure to Your Trigger Food.

One of the most crucial steps that lead you to stop eating fast food is avoiding these certain fast
foods that attract you the most and limiting your exposure to them. If you are invited with your
friends who want to have your trigger food, don’t hesitate to tell them that that would make you
feel unhappy or uncomfortable. They will for sure understand and change the direction to a restaurant that makes healthier food.

3/ Healthier meals to avoid hunger.

It’s obvious and we all know that the majority of people especially those who work all the day.
choose the option of eating fast food simply because they don’t have time to prepare it
themselves. For this reason, it is much away better if they make a meal plan and prepare all of
the meals for the coming days ahead of time and this may be on weekends or when they have
free time. If the meals include multi-step preparations, do them before for example by freezing
vegetables or fruits and marinating meat before cooking it. Try always to bring healthy snacks to
your food boxes such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, almonds, and natural drinks all to avoid falling
back on fast food when you are hungry.

4/ Don’t Let Your Emotional Breaks Leads You to Unhealthy Food.

We don’t always consume food to satisfy our physical needs, many people also turn to eating fast
food, chocolates, chips, and soda during times of great stress. Eating fast food to overcome the mental.
crisis, stress, and problems are mainly called emotional eating thus, in this case, we are not eating
to fulfill our stomach but just to overcome an emotional breakdown and this will never be a good
solution. There are many healthy ways of dealing with stress including yoga, sports, sleeping reading, or talking to someone you feel comfortable with. It always happens that we all go
through emotions such as fear, sadness, stress, grief, and boredom and all of these can hack your hunger hormones. So, in this position, we should go towards healthy alternatives instead of eating
fast food because emotional eating doesn’t fix emotional problems.

5/ Sleep Deprivation May Increase Your Appetite and Cause You to Eat More Calories.

Studies have shown that short sleep duration is associated with an increased risk of developing
obesity and weight gain. Sleep deprivation increases levels of ghrelin and decreases levels of
leptin. Ghrelin is a hormone that makes us feel hungry while leptin makes us feel full. This may
lead us to feel hungrier and overeat. For this reason, it is so important to get from 7 to 8 hours of
sleep every night because this will not only help you to keep your willpower stronger and to get
enough sleep and comfort but also help prevent late-night cravings for last food.

6/ How Do You Deal With Emotions Without Eating.

Negative emotions may lead to feelings of emptiness or an emotional void. When you are
stressed, anxious, sad, or lonely your body starts producing a hormone called Cortisol which
makes the body crave sugar, fatty, and salty food. In this case, many people often turn to fast food
because they think that it’s the ideal solution to boost their mood and pick them up. Instead of
using fast food to deal with your negative emotions try to find healthier alternatives to grapple
with them including practicing different exercises and sports such as
swimming, dancing, running, judo, and yoga as well as developing your hobbies maybe is a
perfect alternative. You may play Piano, guitar, read or write and express yourself

Part Two: Support Yourself with Healthier Eating Habits.

1/ Vary Your Eating Menu to Avoid Boredom.

There is a huge amount of people who switched from fast food to healthy food and find that their
a new type of eating is boring and bland. However, there are several ways that make their diet full
of healthy but delicious, varied, exciting, and colorful recipes.Examples of exciting but healthy
food may include using new Exotic spices and fresh herbs, adding more colors and flavors to
your meals such as the zest of lemon and orange, venture outside of your comfort zone by
taking a crack at a new sauce recipe.
One of the most important points that help you make your menu varied and rich with all kinds of
vitamins is relying on all kinds of vegetables, fruits, and natural drinks. Try always to prepare
recipes by combining all types of vegetables and fruits as well as natural juices and drinks.
After doing a workout or running outside you certainly feel so thirsty. So, it is a good thing to
prepare a fresh and healthy juice or smoothie.

2/ Adopt fruits, vegetables, and nuts as a snack.

Nature around us is full of different fruits, vegetables, and nuts. These lasts are great
sources of various vitamins, protein, nutrients, and energy that our body needs throughout the
days and to accomplish our daily activities.
Eating fruits like dates, bananas, and watermelon will help to satisfy your sweet tooth if you ever
crave fast food desserts, without forgetting that they provide the body with energy. Try always to
prepare your lunch box by adding vegetables, fresh and dry fruits as well as nuts because they
make you feel full after a long period of work or study instead of going out and getting fast food.

3/ Quit Soda for Weight Loss.

Drinking a good amount of water each day is one of the healthiest habits you could ever adopt
to have a healthy body and lose weight simply because it suppresses your appetite when you are
hungry. Water helps you stay hydrated and this prevents misplaced feelings of hunger. It can
alleviate headaches due to dehydration, help you fight fever especially when the weather gets
hotter, and slow your heart rate. Replacing soda with water will also limit your sugar intake and
decreases your cravings for sugary food. Nutrition experts do not only recommend limiting your
consumption of soda, but they highly recommend stopping drinking it as it contains a huge amount
of sugar and it has no benefits for your health. It’s really important to carry a bottle of water
wherever you go to keep you hydrated.

4/ Quit Fast Food Gradually So it Will Become Entirely.

Many people find it hard to stop eating fast food entirely in a short period of time and this is so
normal especially if the person was highly addicted to it. In this case, be willing to have “cheat
meals” every once in a while to wear yourself off fast food more gradually.
If you are craving to have a hamburger or pizza you can prepare it by yourself at home in this
case you can control your meal the way you want but of course in a healthy way and this is by
using healthier ingredients and reducing others such as replacing cooking oil with olive
oil, avoiding cheese, fries, sugar, and mayonnaise. You can also have from one to two cheat meals
in a month of course by eating a small quantity so that quitting fast food will be easier.

5/ Adopt Healthier Fast Food if You are Unable to Quit Entirely.

We all agree on the point that there is almost no fast food that is completely healthy, but there
are some options that are better than others. Instead of having fries you can eat grilled meat and
vegetables, you can also replace sugary things with meals that contain fruits that are sweet like
dates and bananas. Dark chocolate is a healthy solution for chocolate addicts.
For those people who like to have drinks while eating, it’s highly recommended for them to have
natural juices like avocado and lemon juice or any kind of drinks they prefer instead of

Recommendations While Beating Fast Food Addiction:

* Be patient.
* Go gradually.
* Vary your meals.
* You can have fast food but in a healthy way.
* Include vitamins and protein resources in your meals to feel full.
* Drink a lot of water.
* Find support to help you because it is a lot easier when you feel supported by someone.

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