6 Simple Hacks You Can Do to Improve Your Health

Hack your way to better health with these clever tips that will absolutely improve and boost your
health and also turn your daily foods into superfoods.
Our choices of food and recipes have a huge impact on our health and wellness, but let us all
agree that also the way we deal with our ingredients, how we cook them, and the steps we follow
matter too. A good starting point for better health issues is the way you cook. Healthy cooking is
something you should prioritize because the way you cook will affect either positively or
negatively your precious health. Don’t worry! We are going to provide you with the simplest
but precious hacks and tips that the majority of healthcare providers and nutrition experts agree

1/ Don’t Overcook Garlic.

The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates once said “let your food be your
medicine”.Garlic, originating in Asia, has been grown and eaten for its nutritional and medical
properties for more than 5000 years. This last is one of the most universally used foods for both
consumption and disease prevention. It is the main source of selenium, manganese, and sulfur and it also aids in making iron in our bodies more available to use. The majority of people all around the world and especially the Asian countries use garlic in cooking for its tasty
flavor. However, cooking it in a bad way may change everything. Cooking garlic for a long time or
on high heat can, unfortunately, negate up to 90 percent of health benefits. The benefits are
only released if the garlic is cut, smashed, or chopped. Actually, the best way to get the best of it is to eat raw or at least semi-cooked.

Another tip is to chop the garlic up finely ten minutes before using or cooking because this helps to release the allicin.