6 Effective Strategies to Control Your Appetite

3/ Reduce the Environmental Impact on your Food.


New research from The University of Oxford has revealed that the more often people eat with
others, the more likely they are to feel happy. But unfortunately, there are other statistics that
confirm that eating with a group of people encourages eating more food than the body
needs. Imagine that your friends ordered a big cheeseburger with some fries and soda, this will
surely smell delicious and you’ll eventually order the same as them. All that means that our
society highly affects what we eat and how much we eat. For this reason, it is quite important to
take some steps to change our own food environment as best as we can. With some proper planning and minimal upkeep, you can manipulate your environment in such a way to cause you
to think about food a little less, reduce the number of extraneous temptations you face and also
make it easier for you to make better choices.

Keep a wide variety of foods you want to eat more of like fruits, and veggies, and keep a narrow
variety of junk foods. Try to eat meals in a non-distracted setting like a table without a television.
If you are at a social event, creating physical distance from certain foods can be quite helpful as
well. If you are hanging out with your friends and it is time to eat, try to order healthy food
immediately before they order, in this way they may change their minds and order like you.